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About Perfect Pitch Ear

Hello fellow! The perfect pitch ear app will provide you a fantastic experience while you improve your musical perception and develop your potentials to get the perfect pitch.

Training Modules

Perfect Pitch Ranking

The perfect pitch module is a challenge with several levels, starting with notes 'C' and 'G'. Each new level increments another note and difficulty increases when notes are played together. (Harmony)

Perfect Pitch Personal

The Perfect Pitch Personal gives you the chance to choose your own way for training and have fun. You just have to take the notes you wish , setup many options and then practice.

Musical Memory

The memory module is quite interesting! You start with one note and,as you answer the software adds one more note and so on. How many notes you can handle?!

Intervals and Chords

Improove your relative pitch making these chords and intervals exercises from this module.

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